candidxletters (candidxletters) wrote in uw_madison,

o chem 343

I'm taking Gellman's class and I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of a curve he gives at the end of the semester?
Is it significant? Does it help a lot?
I guess I'm just trying to decide if I want to drop the class or stick with it. 
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i didn't have Gellman, but i ended with an AB or B in 343 and I'm pretty sure my exam average was around 70%. Then in 345 I got a C (not totally proud of it) and my exam average was around a 50%, I think.
who did you have for 343 and 345?


December 18 2010, 14:16:00 UTC 6 years ago

for 343 I had Daesung Lee and for 345 I had the male Reichs (or something like that . . . there's a husband & wife that both teach chem . . . last name starts with an R and it's kind of germanic). i did my o-chem during the 2003-2004 school year, so not sure if any of these profs are still around.

and my C grade in 345 is entirely my own fault. i don't particularly care for orgo, so when it came down to studying for orgo or cell bio/oceanography/stats/comparative literature, i did that instead, though orgo is what i should have been working on.
that was me! just forgot to log in!